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5 Bedrooms Rustic house for Sale in Vilafant, Figueres

5 Bedrooms Rustic house for Sale in Vilafant, Figueres

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Excellent Participation of Live in Spain in SIMA Madrid 2009


The Director of IREA-AII International Real Estate  Mr. Ignacio Acosta Sorge at the Stand of Live in Spain

SIMA, the biggest Hispanic Real Estate exhibition was presented this year in Madrid from May 28th to May 30th, with over 200 exhibitors and more that 60000 visitors.

At the stand of Live in Spain, a Spanish real estate and builders association, they talked with Ms. Mariángeles Pastor.

Live in Spain has participated in SIMA since the beginnings of this event.

People come with very clear ideas, knowing exactly what they want.

Live in Spain has associates such as Kristina Szekely in Costa del Sol together with Pierre Bacon.

Free homes have no re-sale price limits while protected homes must be re-sold at a limited amount during a specific period of time. This provides protection when setting the property’s sale price.

People prefer buying instead of renting, and one of the most requested areas for this is Madrid.

The main foreign real estate demand comes from Germany and Great Britain.

Spain is attractive to foreigners because of its weather, prices and life quality.

It is calculated that by 2015, over 800.000 foreign familias will have moved permanently to Spain.

You can find out more about LIVE IN SPAIN on

Learn more about the SIMA property exhibition on

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